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Muller Heavy Industries

6.5" Walnut Box (The Happy Box)

6.5" Walnut Box (The Happy Box)

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Bring smiles into your life every time you open up the "Happy Box"!

This beautiful, round, three-section box is crafted out of a single piece of urban salvage Oregon Black Walnut. Its edges are rounded over for comfort and utility. It is hand finished to a silky consistency with Walrus Oil Furniture Butter ( and Furniture Wax (

The box can be used on your nightstand to hold small items, as a gift presentation box, or for storage of small keepsakes. The top and bottom pieces can be used separately as two small dishes for trinkets, candles, etc.

Approximate Dimensions:

6.5" diameter

Bottom w/o lid: ~1.5" high

Top: ~1" high

Closed (top on bottom): ~2" high

Note: Because each box is made from a different piece of wood the exact grain pattern and color will be different from the one in the photos. I always make an effort to select and use pieces of wood with grain patterns that I like.

Care instructions: If the box needs a little TLC, apply a thin coat of Walrus Oil Furniture Wax (, let sit for 1hr, buff away excess, then let sit for ~24 hours before using.
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