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Special Edition Organic Double Tahitian Vanilla Extract (2X; Aged 21 months)

Special Edition Organic Double Tahitian Vanilla Extract (2X; Aged 21 months)

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Aged 21 months!

This recipe is a special, long term extraction that took > 21 months to make. The vanilla extract is thick and syrupy. Only 8 bottles were made for resale (the rest was given away to friends). Unlike my other vanilla extracts, this one *is* filtered (still contains plenty of vanilla bean seeds) and lighter on color than my other extracts.

This is a "double fold"/2X vanilla extract, meaning I use twice the amount of vanilla beans used in regular vanilla extract. You can choose to use 1/2 the amount of vanilla a recipe calls for or use more for EXTRA vanilla flavor.

I've been making my own double fold vanilla extracts for a few years now, using them in my own baked goods and giving them as gifts because I wasn't happy with what I found in stores.

 My extracts have

  • ZERO fillers - no added sugar, water or vanilla flavoring. Just vanilla beans & alcohol distilled in the PNW
  • Aged at least 6 months - each bottle is labeled with the bottle date / batch number and you can find additional batch notes here
  • Made with organic, sustainably sourced, vanilla beans

Each bottle is 100% Pure, Double Fold, Vanilla Extract. 

Flavor Characteristics Of Different Alcohols:

SHAKE WELL before each use!

Homemade, with ❤️ in West Linn, Oregon.

Vegan, Organic, Gluten Free, Sugar Free & Dairy Free

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