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Muller Heavy Industries LLC

Dragon Egg Jar/Box

Dragon Egg Jar/Box

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Unleash the magic with a 3D printed Dragon Egg. Perfect for a Game of Thrones fan or a lover of fantasy, this intricately designed egg will transport you to a world of mythical creatures and epic adventures. 

Or spice up your next Easter Egg hunt!

This dragon egg is hollow, screwing open to reveal an interior for storing treasures, collectibles, and more.

Printable in a variety of colors, including gradients.

Measured ~7" tall x x ~4.5" diameter in the middle.

Pictured Colors:

If you are interested in a color not shown here, please contact me. I typically print any of the ProtoPasta, Polymaker, Bambu Labs, and Fusion Filaments brands, as well as others.

This is a TORUA3D design, which I use under a commercial resale license.


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